“[T]he script and the remarkable actors make you embrace the Fischers … Watch Michael and his wife (Tasha Lawrence), and Holly and her husband (Gary Wilmes) and son (Seth Steinberg), reveal layers of injury and devotion.” The New York Times

“The young Mr.Steinberg provides abundant humor plus unexpected sympathy.” Huffington Post

“Humor is sprinkled throughout, sometimes thanks to the characterization of Joey (Seth Steinberg), the rebellious, snarky teenage son of Holly and her husband Howard. “Wolf Entertainment Guide

“Their son Joey, a bright and frustrated teenager is keenly acted by Seth Steinberg, making his New York debut with tremendous assurance and talent.” DC Metro Theater Arts

“Seth Steinberg as Joey, Holly and Howard’s sullen teenage son, is hilariously spot-on…” New York Theater

“Seth Steinberg does an excellent job capturing the teenage Joey. He is by turns tuned out and tuned in. Every parent of a teenager will recognize his behaviors.” Two on the Aisle

“Seth Steinberg nails the role of Holly’s son Joey …” Theatre Scene

“Young Seth Steinberg makes an inpressive NY debut as an empathetic high-school schlub.” NY1.com

“Kate Walsh rams her zingers with brio, whether bullying her rebellious son, Joey (amusingly played by Seth Steinberg) or cracking wise about her daughter …”Lighting and Sound America

“…Seth Steinberg [was] very funny and moving on opening night.” Chicagoland Musical Theatre

“The promising Seth Steinberg plays Jerry’s son, Nathan. Looking like a post- “Stand By Me” Jerry O’Connell, Seth demonstrates a precocious understanding of the material.” Edge Media Network

[Theatre at the Center] productions are top quality, the same caliber that you find at Drury Lane or Marriott Lincolnshire. Ericka Mac directs an outstanding cast. Around the Town Chicago

The Pazinski family, like most families, is a complicated one… The complexity of the story requires complex performances from the actors, who dive into the religious and familial nuances with a mighty effort. The Lansing Journal

Tom Dudzick’s semi-autobiographical play not only has a strong script, but Theatre at the Center gives this production some extra oomph by putting forth an all-around excellent cast. Buzz Center Stage